Rachel Harris Music Studio

Class Materials

What to Bring to Class

All students are provided with a list of required materials for each class in which they are enrolled. Students should bring these materials to every class, unless otherwise directed.

Students are encouraged to use a backpack, messenger bag, or other sturdy bag to carry their books and materials to and from class each week.

Where to Purchase Materials

Each student will receive a list of materials to purchase for the class(es) in which they have enrolled. Many items on the list will be available from a number of local and online retailers; the student may choose any retailer for these items. Some items will be sourced from and only available to purchase through a specific retailer. These items will be notated in the student's materials list with specific ordering instructions.

What NOT to Bring

Students may not bring:

  • toys
  • candy or gum
  • food or snacks
  • games or other distracting items
  • school work or books/workbooks from outside classes

Prohibited and distracting items will be confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian at the end of class.

  • Water bottles are permitted, but no other liquids or beverages
  • Cell phones must be muted or turned off and stowed in a purse or backpack